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Mwa. Ha. Ha. Ha.
NOW I AM SUPREME RULER!!!! (of meowdom, that is)
To celebrate, I have invited you all to a party!
Party Part 1: http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ (The No Button)
Party Part 2: http://yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.com/ (The Yes Button)
Party Part 3: youtu.be/pl_vom0T2tl (The Dramatic Sloth)
Party Part 4: http://themostseconds.com/ (Contribute to the Seconds!)

PEA ESS: Call me Kiandra. Call me Pineapples. Call me Meow. Call me maybe(Carly Rae jepsem, how did YOU get here?)
Yeah, ignore that last one. Kiandra or Pineapples or Meow works. Hehehehehehehehheehehehhehe
Now, of you excuse me, I must be off to rule meowdom

Ways to Keep Insanity

Ways ta keep insanity

  • In KFC instead of ordering “Chicken Strips” order “Strippin’ Chicks”
  • When they repeat your order in a restaurant, tell them “Yes, but now with more UMPH!!!”
  • Have a friend and you go on opposite ends on the road, pretend your holding string whenever a car comes by
  • When someone asks you a question, answer “You want fries with that?”
  • Ask random people if they like mushrooms
  • Go up to someone and look at their faces. Make horror faces and run away.
  • Follow someone around and keep on giggling behind them.
  • Follow someone at the store and when they ask if you are following them, freak out and call them a stalker. Run away.
  • Order whip cream with sprinkles in Starbucks
  • In a store, while people are checking out the products, dance behind them without letting them know.
  • End all your sentences with “… if you know what I mean” with a grin
  • Tape a penny on a piece of paper that says “FREE PENNY” and drop it in the middle of the floor clearing.
  • Look at a random person and say “That looks delicious” When they turn around, RUN!!!

I like the Chicken club.





Here’s how I would want to look if I was an amine character. Blue hair and blue eyes! I also like her shirt and necklace!

PS: Dolris! I got your amine character maker on my IPod! ūüėÄ IT’S FUN!

Wow… I’m making a post on a different blog other than mine….. COOL!!

Hi people! I’m Izzy! But I prefer you call me Dolris. I bet you’re wondering why my nickname is Dolris. Well 2 of my best friends, Randy and Olivia, think that I’m goddess of Happiness because I make them happy when ever I’m around them, so they gave me a nickname for it. Dolris, Goddess of Happiness. I thought it was cool so I call myself that! Oh, and HI OLIVIA!! How are you?!?! Thanks for letting me make a post on your blog! Me and Olivia are best friends! I LOVE HER! We’ve known each other sence….. I don’t remember but it was sometime when we were 9 or 10 years old O.O

Here is some facts about me! :D Enjoy!

I’m 13 years old and in the 7th grade

I LOVE to play the piano

My favorite sport is soccer. I play forward and goalie.

I love to read books. I favorite books are the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, etc.

I’m 100% Greek! >.< I speak, read, and write in Greek

I have fallen in LOVE with anime! My favorite anime series is Soul Eater (It’s the BEST!) Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, etc.

I hope one day to become an author….. hopefully! :)

My favorite colors are purple and blue

Well, that’s enough. I also wanted to say that I also have a blog. I hope that you can visit it! My URL is www.dolrisland.wordpress.com Byeas peoples! :D  Thanks for reading!

Also, just saying, this blog is so great. I’m Abi in the story thingy….. Can’t wait to make a story!! But where do I post it here? I need help! But I can’t wait to be following more often! See ya around peeps!!!

Random stories

Stories which we made by one person saying one word and the other person saying another word.
Olivia: Once
Randy: A
Olivia: Fish
Randy: Swam

First Random Story

Doomsday in Karakura Town and the Soul Society

Once Upon a time there was a chicken that smelled Gin who liked Rangiku. It smelled like Voldemort. “You smell strange.” said the cheese. Rangiku made paper airplanes with Ichigo because Toshirou told her to make him a cake. Aizen came and smelled Ichigo’s armpits. “You smell cheesey.” He said. Aizen took Ichigo’s paper airplane and threw it at Toshirou. Toshirou ate it because Rangiku didnt make him a cake. Momo laughed hardly. A pedestrian kicked potatoes because Momo laughed too hard. Toshirou swam because Momo was hungry for fish. Rangiku killed the chicken because it smelled like Gin. Gin smiled because he was offended. Gin hugged the watermelon which Rangiku named Hollowichi after Gin died. Rangiku got a fish for Momo and Toshirou thought she was not thin anymore. Aizen was married to Kon and Ichigo thought Kon was an idiot. Rukia poured lemonade on Toshirou because he called her friend fat. Toshirou screamed “Rain over the frosted cupcakes” and Momo died because of obesity. There were not many people at her funeral. Toshirou cried and poured peaches on her grave. Rangiku laughed hard at Gin’s grave because he wrote a love poem to Aizen who was married to Kon. Izzy ate Momo’s soul and Toshirou stabbed himself. Rangiku fished for husbands and found Uryu who was trying to take a shower. Uryu said “Go die!” and he made Izzy kill herself. Olivia and Randy wept over their dead fish and made Aizen pretty for his wedding. Toshirou called Nico to bring Momo back to life. Nico said “I will only do it if you let Rangiku and Randy bake me a cake.” Rangiku and Randy died so Toshirou couldn’t play with his x-box who was named Momo. Plants were taking over the Soul Society so mommy could produce beans. Toshirou planted Ichigo in Rukia’s garden so Rukia could have an instant Ichigo for breakfast. Olivia saw Kaien doing the hokey pokey. Rukia cried because it was just ugly. Rangiku was an annoying alien to Uryu so Uryu made pie for Kaien to die. Toshirou was still planting flowers for Momo so she wouldn’t die again. Momo came back to life but died because her zanpacto was Toshirou. Crabs are good for the wedding. Olivia made crab cakes for the wedding. Ichigo picked up his friend who liked pickles so together they ate Aizen who was made of crabs and pickles. Kon decided to run for his life but died cause he ran into the Grand Canyon. Nobody survived the explosion of pickles but Byakuya and Olivia. They survived the invasion of plants because Byakuya pranked the beans with cherry blossoms.


The Effect of Mini Skirts on Camp Half Blood

A pedestrian hated Percy Jackson and pickles so his daughter married Grover. Gin married Grover too and pulled Annbeth out of her grave. Then, Hades wore mini skirts to impress Zeus and everyone cried.


Hope you enjoyed our RaNdOm stories of Bleach and Percy Jackson ūüėÄ

By Olivia and Randy


I found a cool Zanpacto generator! Here are some people zanpacto’s!

Randy (Me):¬†Flying Eagle manifests a flame in the shape of an eagle and resembles a cute¬†chain mace¬†with a short chain after it is unsealed. Randy invokes shikai with the command “Growl, Flying Eagle!”

Olivia:¬†When Olivia activates Willow Peacock with the command “Radiate, Willow Peacock!” it transforms into a cloud of shuriken in the air about the wielder. It manifests a flame in the shape of an eagle. Me: WHAT I WANT THAT! Well, the eagle.

Izzy:¬†Izzy carries Death sealed into the form of a paintbrush. At the command “Snap, Death!” it transforms into a transparent, jagged¬†bullwhip¬†with an elegantly carved handle. It gives the wielder high speed.

Lily:¬†This zanpakutŇć, named Drunken Bridge Defender, transforms into a long¬†set of nunchuku¬†with a short chain at Lily’s command of “Rip, Drunken Bridge Defender!” It blurs the wielder’s appearance, confounding opponents’ attempts to target.

Anita:¬†When Anita activates Willow Mauler with the command “Awake, Willow Mauler!” it transforms into a jagged, tiny¬†javelin. It narrows the focus of the wielder, minimizing the impact of distractions.

Jiamin:¬†When Jiamin activates Earth Man with the command “Grow, Earth Man!” it transforms into a magnificent, square¬†machete¬†with three blades. It makes any body part touched by this weapon explode.

Erika:¬†This zanpakutŇć, named Sapphire Flower, transforms into an ordinary, gigantic¬†kusari-gama¬†whose chain changes reach at will at Erika ‘s command of “Obliterate, Sapphire Flower!” It produces a poisonous mist that hides the wielder.

Indy:¬†Icy Sleeve produces a cage of electricity and resembles a short, square¬†bullwhip¬†with blue ribbons on the handle after it is unsealed. Indy invokes shikai with the command “Dance, Icy Sleeve!”

Lauren:¬†Killer like Moonlight produces a mist that obscures the wielder and resembles a twisted, odd¬†jo¬†taller than the wielder after it is unsealed. Lauren invokes shikai with the command “Speak, Killer like Moonlight!”

Tori:¬†When Victoria activates Perfumed Tail of the West Wind with the command “Dance, Perfumed Tail of the West Wind!” it transforms into a white, gigantic¬†cleaverwhich has a deceptively small blade. It enhances the wielder’s ability to perceive the opponent’s intentions.

Genevieve:¬†Genevieve carries Bridge sealed into the form of a pocketknife. At the command “Emerge, Bridge!” it transforms into a sword with three blades connected by a hinge to the hilt. It allows the wielder to strike with inhuman precision.

Here is another generator!

Me:¬†When Azure Tomb like Mist is unsealed with the command “Annihilate!” it transforms into an old-fashioned¬†war fan¬†with an oversize head, and produces a blinding flash of light.

Olivia:¬†Unseal this zanpakutŇć with the command “Crush, Dream!” It resembles a magnificent, unusual¬†urumi¬†with mystic symbols carved into the handle and reduces the opponent’s speed by 10%.

Izzy:¬†Thunder is carried sealed into the form of a dagger. At the command “Scorch, Thunder!” it transforms into a graceful¬†sickle¬†with strange writing etched into the blade. It creates the illusion of an exact likeness of the wielder, confusing the opponent as to which is which.

Lily:¬†Frost of Darkness is always activated, and resembles an unusual¬†warhammer¬†with an oversize head. It increases the wielder’s skill.

Anita:¬†Unseal this zanpakutŇć with the command “Ring out, Lotus of Judgment!” It resembles a fancy, curved¬†kusari-gama¬†and increases the wielder’s visual acuity to that of a raptor.

Jiamin:¬†This zanpakutŇć, named Solemn Midnight Abyss, transforms into a short, bent¬†gauntlet¬†which extends past the wielder’s wrist at the command “Speak, Solemn Midnight Abyss!” It enhances the wielder’s sense of touch.

Erika: Silent Bone is always activated, and resembles a segmented manriki with an oversize weight. It produces decoys of water.

Indy:¬†Unseal this zanpakutŇć with the command “Obliterate, Sleeve!” It resembles a large¬†myrmex¬†and increases the wielder’s skill.

Tori:¬†Autumn of Judgment greatly reduces the temperature in an opponent’s immediate vicinity and resembles a small, jagged¬†halberd¬†which emanates an ominous feeling after it is unsealed. Shikai is invoked with the command “Unveil, Autumn of Judgment!”

Lauren:¬†Wild Insects, Seven-form Insects is carried unsealed, and is a bent, robust¬†sickle¬†with a blade longer than the wielder’s hand. It protects the wielder with chitin.

Genevieve:¬†Head of Binding deflects missiles and resembles a transparent, long¬†meteor hammer¬†which has a strangely short chain after it is unsealed. Shikai is invoked with the command “Split, Head of Binding!”

There! I hope you all the different zanpacto’s everyone has! If you would like me to tell you your zanpacto! I am here with my magic powers! ūüėÄ


Zanpactos! ūüėÄ